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Job posting: Organization & individuals looking to hire can post their Jobs requirement on BFSI PAGEVisit Recruiter to create Free account bundled with features for a complete recruitment solution to BFSI. This service is offered free of charge.

Search and Invite: Recruiter can search the candidates with in seconds  in our database by applying intelligent filters. Also they can invite directly through our website.Currently this service is offered free of charge

Video Resume: Go through the vedio resume of the candidates to access their personal & communical skill along with their professional achievment.Currently this service is offered free of charge

Advertisement: BFSI PAGE enjoys a very strong reach not among employees in BFSI organizations but also  among students in campuses all over India looking to advertise their products, services, events and competitions to college students can avail of customized advertising solutions on various BFSI PAGE channels (Website, Newsletter, and Social Media). Visit advertise with us to know more
BFSI PAGE reserves the right to add/remove any product and service at its sole discretion or change the price charged for such offerings.

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Job Applied: Create a Free Account and start applying to Top notch Jobs in estemeed organization, Banks, companies of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. This service is free of charge.

Upload Video CV: Upload your Video CV and stand out among crowd and increase your chances of hiring.